“This is where your book begins…

….The rest is still unwritten.” NATASHA BEDINGFIELD – “Unwritten”

I was listening to this song the other day and although I’ve heard it before and it has spoken to me before, it REALLY spoke to me this time! If you’re not familiar, here are the lyrics:(http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/natashabedingfield/unwritten.html).

If you would like to listen to it: http://www.playlist.com/node/26997322

So, I recently took the plunge to go full time with my jewelry and crafts and in January I opened my Etsy shop. Now I’m starting a blog and I’m taking, yet another step towards success at doing what I love. So, I feel like this is where MY “book” begins.

In search of guidance on the Etsy forums, I found and have started to follow a blog of a fellow Etsyian, Christina Purdue. (http://christinaperdue.com/blog) On her site, she does a progressive documentation/tutorial called, “30 days to a better shop.” I am taking that challenge in hopes that it will help me to create exactly that – a BETTER shop. Let’s hope it helps me to drive business! I’m going to track my progress in my blog.

Last night I set my short and long-term goals:

SHORT-TERM: March (I borrowed some from Christina)
1. Receive my third and fourth sales.
2. Get 200 hearts total on Etsy
3. Keep up with 30 days to a better shop series.
4. Blog every day.
5. Consistently list a few items, scattered out over the course of each day.
6. Start another shop for my wine glasses.
7. Include “goal status report” to show how much I’m making in my blog.

1. Be able to create a respectable income from my jewelry and crafts that will enable me to work from home and will provide a confortable life. (Awww, Heck! I’m going to walk to the edge on this and say that I’d love to be the “Bread Winner!” – working from home!!!)
2. Buy esssential supplies needed and set up studio space for metalsmithing.
3. Create a signature line of precious metal jewelry that I personally design and create from raw materials.

Now, I have to go let Christina know that I’m tracking my progress in my blog, so she can list my site on her blog site.


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