Once upon a time, I was jogging on the treadmill and feeling extra-energized.  Given the added burst of energy and feeling a little Super Woman-esque, I upped the speed.  While running at a brisk 8 mph (AKA “Speed of Light”), one of my strides came down like a ton of bricks.  My left knee bobbled with pain and reminded me that I was not the Bionic Woman after all.  

It’s been about a month now and I am still having pain in my knee.  In fact, sometimes I have to walk with my left foot pointing outward to alleviate the pain and I KNOW that’s not right.  Last Friday, I had an MRI done to investigate further.  I still haven’t heard the results from the MRI, but last night my foot swelled up on the outside, got red hot, turned black and blue and was full of pain.  So, I wrapped the foot, iced it and elevated it.  This morning it still hurts.  I would really like to get back to jogging, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon. 

At least my work isn’t affected by this…I can still sit and wrap jewelry, paint, scrapbook, talk on the phone and be on the computer, which is my saving grace!  I’m off to check on my etsy store now…hoping for some sales, hoping for more hearts (yesterday I had 56) and I’ve got to refine my store policies.  I leave you with pictures of my foot and apologize if feet gross you out.

FLAMING FOOTimg_1081.jpg