Forgot Some Chat Room Friends

So, as I was going to sleep, I realized I had forgotten to put one of my new friends in my blog, who I’m going to have make me a purse.  Because I forgot her, I’m going to say a little more.  Her screen name is MissKnits.  She is in her sixth month of business on Etsy and so far, it looks like she is doing pretty well – she has 100% positive feedback and a rating of 199.  Of that rating of 199, 82 ratings are from sales.  She makes a variety of things, including scarves, purses, dolls, pocket books, card holders, jewelry and more!  Much like many crafters, she’s a “Jane of All Trades.”  I saw a bag on her site and I’m in love with green lately, so it immediately spoke to me.  It wasn’t exactly what I would want, so in talking with her, she has agreed to make me a custom design.  Yay!  Here are some of her things.  Check out her shop!


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