Out On the Town!

I went walking around town today.  My goal – to find shops and boutiques who are willing to purchase my jewelry and other crafts for resale.  I passed out business cards like they were candy and I’m hoping that I can find at least TWO interested shops from my efforts.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Since I mention my other crafts, I will let you have a peek at what else I do…

Hand Painted Wine Glasses – I do a variety of designs, but I am particularly in love with my “stems” collection!  I’ve got some in a local coffee shop now and I’ve had one sale so far this year.  I’ve been thinking of making an Etsy storefront for these.  Here’s a selection of what I have.  I’d love to hear what you think and what you would suggest for prices? 

berries-wine-glasses.jpg christmas-dots-wine-glasses.jpg grapes-wine-glasses.jpg
purple-vines-wine-glasses.jpg stems-wine-glasses.jpg 

Premade Scrapbook Pages:
both-halloween-pages.jpg copy-2-of-copy-of-fall-_1.jpg copy-2-of-img_1122_edited-2.jpg

Well, good night for now.  Tomorrow, I have an Etsy friend who is seeking ideas…I’m hoping I can help gather opinions for her.  :O)

5 thoughts on “Out On the Town!

  1. I love the wine glasses, I think the stems collection are my favourite too. A set of the them would kit out the flat I will be getting in July perfectly. I would be willing to pay like £15-£20 for them, I’m not sure what that is in dollars.
    But it depends really on how much you bought the actual wine glasses for and add that to the cost of the materials you used to decorate and your time and effort.
    I would seriously think about getting some of these when I’m not so low on funds as I am now!

  2. Thoughts on pricing:

    For the stems, I have been asking $20.00 per glass (24 Lira), but I could offer to do them at $15.00 (18 Lira) a glass if I could sell multiples. How does this sound? $20.00 (24 Lira) a piece, but if you buy more than two, $15.00 (18 Lira) a piece.

    If you buy a set of 12, then you could get the set for $150.00 (a significant savings if you buy 12 – You could see it as getting two for free or as 12.50 a piece – 15.10 Lira a piece)

  3. The wine glasses are beautiful – I haven’t seen anything like them before!

    You do good work!

    Thanks for the awesome pub on the post above, as well. My friend Betsy and I have done a biz card exchange with a few people. You could send us some of your cards and we’ll send some of ours, then we send yours out with any items we sell. If you want to, convo me on Etsy with your address.

    Gotta go to bed.
    Nighty night.

  4. ^ thats VERY reasonable! $20 is £10 I just discovered using a converter, so thats really good!
    Out of interested, do you ship to the UK, and if so, any ideas on what the postage would be?

  5. I would certainly ship to the UK. I’ll ship anywhere! I am off to the post office today, to mail some items out. I will take some glasses with me and see what shipping costs would be, including insurance and I’ll post when I get that information. Thanks for your interest!

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