What Would You Buy This Time of Year?

So, my new pal Jill, who is a very nice fellow Etsian (http://knit1scrap2.etsy.com) and also has a blog called “The Chittum Files,” is seeking inspiration for the warmer months.  You see, in her newly opened Etsy shop, she sells hand-knit items.  She has been adding some other things, but wants to come up with some new projects because she wants to appeal to those who are soon to be enjoying the warmer months.  She is currently working on a new version of this great accessory clutch and carry bag, but is seeking additional ideas and suggestions.  I thought I’d help by passing the word along to my readers.  

Can you think of anything else that she might make? 
What would you buy this time of year?
Thanks for any suggestions!  :O)

3 thoughts on “What Would You Buy This Time of Year?

  1. Perhaps some light weight, dainty scarves to keep me safe from the spring wind! 😉

    Come take a peek at my blog! There’s a treat for you!

  2. That is a beautiful clutch! Maybe she could do some knit ipod cozys or headbands that tie in the back and more bags (none can ever enough bags!)

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