Work in Progres…Seeking Opinions!!!

So, I’ve put this bracelet together, but don’t want to complete it until I’m certain of the design.  Could you please give me your feedback?  Here’s a pic. 
img_1518.jpgThoughts?  Suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Work in Progres…Seeking Opinions!!!

  1. I really really like it! And it isn’t my usual style so thats saying something! I like the slightly morrocan feel to it and I love the clasp. It would look perfect with a little summers dress and some cork wedges at a bbq or something.
    Your welcome about following your blog, it’s always a pleasure to read. Thanks for following mine!

  2. Very nice. What I’ve noticed with bracelets is that the focal bead is heavier and will end up on the bottom of the wrist. I think that you might want a “counter-balance” – a little bead strand attached to the toggle clasp. Just an inch long – it would be enough weight to counter the focal.

  3. I like the colors – the only thing I’d worry about is the large bead. I’m no expert, but it looks like the previous poster said it well about the weight and all…

    Good start!

  4. Thank you for your thoughts on the weight issue. It would bother me if the focal bead fell below my wrist. I should mention that the large focal bead is actually HOLLOW, so it isn’t heavy enough to swing around like one might expect. It catually stays on the top because the toggle weighs more!. :O)

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