WAY COOL ETSY TOOL!!! Etsy’s “Alchemy” is BACK!


“Etsy’s ALCHEMY“?  What is THAT???  Well, it’s a way cool tool that Etsy used to have, but has now brought BACK!  It is called, “Alchemy” and it’s all about CUSTOM ORDERS.  It is a user-friendly way for buyers to place requests for custom made items from hand crafting sellers, such as myself.  :O)   

If you plan on using the Alchemy, read the whole article here before you start.  They’ve got pictures, alchemy dos and don’ts, and much more to help you get started.

Go on!  GET CRACKIN’!  Read up and start listing custom order Alchemy requests! 


My college girlfriend, Carrie, sent this to me and I must share.  The things that this man says are the way I choose to live my life!  Watch it.  You will understand why I shared after it ends.  I hope it inspires you.


I’ve put together a collage of my thoughts and emotions following that video: