Introducing Bella…

I’ve introduced “Bam” so now I’m going to introduce another baby of ours.  If you are new to my blog, my husband, Anthony, and I have three dogs.  Two (Bam and Bella) are Old English Bulldogges and one (Sadie) is a Border Collie Mix.  I’ve already introduced Bam, so today it’s Bella’s turn.

“Bella” – AKA “Wiggle Bum”
An Old English Bulldogge.  Fawn and white in color. 
Famous for her intimidation factor, power-wiggling happy bum, the funny way she sits, defiance, limit-testing and a persistent melancholy appearance (although sometimes she laughs – see pics!).   
Our “problem child,” a trouble-maker, but a sweetheart!
Accomplishments:  Food theft, home Demolition, Loud Snoring
….and leaves the biggest dump in the yard (yeah – gross, but true!).
bella.jpg bella2.jpg bella4.jpg bella3.jpg
img_8986.jpg img_6956.jpg img_1311.jpg img_8982.jpg



3 thoughts on “Introducing Bella…

  1. Oh Bella is adorable! She looks like she sits slightly lop-sided. My dog Paddy (a Jack Russel) does the same thing! It’s the cutest. Unfortunatly, as I am a t uni and Paddy lives with my mum I dont often get to see him.

  2. 🙂 Dogs can bring such joy to our lives, can’t they? Sorry that your pooch has to stay with your parents. I understand how it feels. 😦

    When I was teaching out of state, my dog Simon (now passed) had to stay with my parents because the landlord wouldn’t permit animals. It was difficult to be away from him and especially difficult to handle when I came home after a greuling week, wanting nothing more than to come home to cuddle my fluffy, wirey terrier and found that my mother had shaved him! She didn’t like the shedding fur.

    Oh! What a moment of upset! Of course, I got over it because I was so glad to be with him and glad to be in the comfort of home. :O)

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