When things come our way…

Inspiration…a SERENDIPITOUS moment, indeed!

This is probably my most favorite quote and my mantra.  I believe quite strongly that, you can achieve any goal that you can conceive and believe in, and that if you commit to working toward making it happen, it will.  The beauty of following your dreams is the places they will take you.  You might have something in mind when you start on your journey and you may expect to proceed down a specific path.  Sometimes that happens, but sometimes your dreams will take you somewhere completely different from your original plans.  When this happens, you have to embrace the natural ebb and flow of life.  It’s like they say…”Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  I believe that everything happens for a reason, so with that in mind, I suggest we believe in reasons unknown and make the most of what we’ve been dealt.  The unexpected “detours” on the path of life can be completely beautiful in how they contribute to our growth, knowledge, wisdom and experience and often bring unexpected gifts of inspiration and wonderful blessings in disguise. 

Follow your dreams.  Take risks.  Love with all that you have.  Live life to the fullest!

Something beautiful about being an artist is that inspiration can strike us at any given moment.  And when it does…let it be a force to be reckoned with!  It is a beautiful gift, so don’t let the whirl of thoughts, ideas and mental pictures die.  Inspiration… One of life’s natural highs – let it take you places! 

The last few days, I have been working on creating a new something for an Etsy friend.  This something required that I work with wood and paint.  While working on that item today, something struck me to play around with a tool I had originally bought for soldering.  The tool doesn’t get hot enough for gold or silver, so it has sat around for months.  It was a hot iron tool, that can also be used for wood burning and today it occurred to me that I might just TRY it!  I have never dabbled with wood burning, but today I gave it a shot and let me tell you…I loved it! 

I know that all artists find inspiration differently, but today, lit a fire of fresh and new ideas!  I’m getting ready to turn in early for bed, so I’ll post a picture of the doodling I did with the iron tomorrow.  Who’d of thought that burning some wood would lead to such great inspiration?

How about you?  When is the last time you stumbled upon something that led to great inspiration? 

3 thoughts on “When things come our way…

  1. These are also some of my favorite quotes. Well, actually, I have a LOT of favorite quotes but these are among them. 🙂

    Another great post. Isn’t it amazing to see where inspiration comes from? I agree that things happen for a reason. Often, it takes a LONG time to see the beauty in the detours of life but, more often than not, there is beauty and lessons in them, no matter when in life you are able to see them.

    Lovely lesson here. Did I mention that I love your blog? 😉

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