And to top it off…

I just got some lovely news from my very first friend EVER on Etsy – marie fly fly.  She said she has seen me “ALL OVER” Etsy!  It was totally news to me, but she said that she’s seen me in the gift guides, in treasuries, and in the Etsy finds news (not sure what that is yet, but I’m gonna find out!)  Oh!  It made me happy and even got a big “high five” from the hubby!  🙂  I went to the gift guides and, low and behold…there I am!  I’m actually on the first page of the “Everyday $15.00 and under” gift guide! 

So, as I like to do, I’ve saved the image for posterity and here it is:march-28.jpg
Good Night All!  🙂  Sweetest dreams!  🙂

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