So, yesterday, I was visiting blogs and came across this video that razorberries posted in hers.  I thought I’d borrow it and share it on mine because it just left me in emotional conflict.  I’m not sure whether I should be excited about the talent, happy because the artist is enjoying himself (which I’m not sure we can be SURE of), sad because the artist is on display, or amazed because it opens your eyes. 

 I am TOTALLY an animal lover and I completely feel that animals experience emotions and that they have more intelligence than we sometimes give them credit for.  THIS video is astounding…and YES – the artist IS an elephant.  He IS PAINTING, and he’s very CAREFULLY painting!  The attention to detail, the care in his brush strokes, and the movement to manipulate the brush and paint literally leave me astounded.  WATCH:

Just so you know, per youtube, this elephant was rescued from abusive treatment in Burma, and supports him and other, “Starving Elephant Artisans” by selling their paintings so they can continue to have a new life in Thailand.  The Asian Elephant Conservation Project also has a web site where you can learn more about their non-profit organization that is dedicated to saving the diminishing number of Asian elephants through its work with domesticated elephants. The AEACP raises funds through donations and the sale of artwork created by elephants in order to fulfill its mission. That makes me feel happier about the whole thing.  Your thoughts?



If you are an Etsy seller or your frequent the Etsy site, maybe you have or maybe you haven’t seen the waffles.  If you haven’t seen it, see here:

 And another Etsy find today…WatchManNYC – he was the featured seller  in the storque and recently opened a blingin’ shop you should totally check out!  Make sure you read his feedback.

So, where do YOU get YOUR inspiration from?

I’ve been chatting it up in the etsy forums and found the many people like to know where artists get their inspiration from.  I’m going to share my most recent inspiration with you and I’d like you to share your inspirations on my blog also, by leaving a comment on today’s blog post. 

 When you see my inspiration, you may not get it.  Other people – they will immediately understand.  It’s common for people not to understand the inspiration of others, so I’ll explain.  “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.”  It’s important to stand out. 

I’m slowly defining my style and how I, Nicole Catroppo, will stand out among the masses.  “What makes me ORIGINAL?  What do I do that makes people talk?”  If you’re an artist and you’re reading this, ask yourself the same questions, then follow the link that will lead you to my inspiration.  Every day I am defining who I am as an artist, but it’s coming along… a constant work in progress. 🙂

It’s called, “Frozen In Grand Central Station”:
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