So, where do YOU get YOUR inspiration from?

I’ve been chatting it up in the etsy forums and found the many people like to know where artists get their inspiration from.  I’m going to share my most recent inspiration with you and I’d like you to share your inspirations on my blog also, by leaving a comment on today’s blog post. 

 When you see my inspiration, you may not get it.  Other people – they will immediately understand.  It’s common for people not to understand the inspiration of others, so I’ll explain.  “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.”  It’s important to stand out. 

I’m slowly defining my style and how I, Nicole Catroppo, will stand out among the masses.  “What makes me ORIGINAL?  What do I do that makes people talk?”  If you’re an artist and you’re reading this, ask yourself the same questions, then follow the link that will lead you to my inspiration.  Every day I am defining who I am as an artist, but it’s coming along… a constant work in progress. 🙂

It’s called, “Frozen In Grand Central Station”:
Click–> <–Click

5 thoughts on “So, where do YOU get YOUR inspiration from?

  1. I love that video! It’s really quite funny to see people’s reactions.
    Your ‘think outside the box’ phrase and the video reminded me of an artist called Bruce Nauman. I did an essay on him and how he exercises control over private and public spaces in my first year of uni.
    In his piece ‘Public Room, Private Room’ he explores this notion of public and private spaces and uses surveillence technology to push the boundaries of recording and confusing the audience.
    It reminds me of the video you posted because it too is reliant on people’s reactions in order to complete the piece.
    ‘Public Room, Private Room’ also literally invities people to think outside the box because in the room they first enter, all they see is a television monitor. As they walk into the second room, they are shown the recording of themselves in the first. It really pushes boudaries and sometimes people are left feeling quite violated if they didn’t realise they were being filmed.
    His work inspires me not as an artist, because I wouldn’t really call myself one, but as an art historian. It makes me want to explore the topic further and that interest reminds me why I’m doing my degree and what I love about it.
    Heres the link to watch the video:
    It also explains it better then I did!
    Wonderful post, really made me think back to my essay on Nauman and, as the time is coming up for me to write my dissertation, I’m welcoming any ideas and inspiration on what to write it on! (Sorry this comment is so long! I got a bit carried away :D)

  2. Sophie,

    Thank you for sharing that! I see what you mean, about the art relying on the social reaction to it. I love art that is interactive!

    Thinking about all of this reminds me of an an art installation that was at The Mattress Factory Museum in Pittsburgh years ago (1995), by Jaroslav Hulboj, where you squeezed through a pair of mattresses. If you are ever in Pittsburgh, or you are visiting and you enjoy art, The Mattress Factory is a great destination! Here’s a link to that installation that I was referencing:
    You can also learn more about The Mattress Factory through that link. Enjoy!

  3. Oh my goodness Nicole!!! I don’t know how it has happened, but I haven’t been over to your blog in a while! 😦 It looks as if I will have a lot of reading to catch up on!!!

    As for what is inspiring me right now, check out my post today! Peter Callesen is AMAZING!!!

  4. I get my inspiration in all kinds of places. I am a very visual person and I love making things that just put a giant smile on my face!

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