WordPress Changes

Alright, for all of you bloggers who do not use WordPress, the newsflash is that WordPress has a NEW dashboard.  It seems more powerful and it offers a lot, with regard to improvements, but it is STUCK ON STUPID in some areas and we are still waiting for WordPress to work out the kinks. 

That said, my only major complaint is that they never sent an email out to prepare you for the changes.  Some people were even in the middle of an edit and the whole screen changed on them, causing a lot of uproar in the WP community.  In my humble opinion, the new dashboard, in all of its functionality, is actually quite a nice change.  The blogging stats they provide are WAY powerful, and although there are a lot of people complaining, who just want the old dashboard back, CHANGE IS GOOD.  I can’t seem to get my widget edits to save, but other than that, I’m not having any major issues.

I’d like to know how other WP bloggers feel about the changes.  Are readers seeing anything new?  What is your overall experience, given the new dashboard?  Any thoughts on your experience?

4 thoughts on “WordPress Changes

  1. I was rather shocked when I logged on to see a whole different looking dashboard! My only major complaint though is that when I was writing a post today, I couldn’t for the life of me find the spell checker! I’m a lazy (and rather rubush) speller so I hope that they bring it back

  2. It’s okay. I was very irritated when it just suddenly and out of the blue ‘changed’ – but I am now getting used to it. There are definite urks and quirks that annoy me though. I also do not like the layout. I find it not clearly defined/bordered and too clinical. OH my most annoying thing is: If I schedule a post and then decide to publish it NOW I can’t. Help????

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