The Brotherhood is BACK!!!!!

OK PEOPLE…I’m totally going to expose what a UBER-GOOB I am, but I dont’ care.  I’m beyond excited and my heart is all a flutter!  FIRST, it was the upcoming SEX IN THE CITY movie, and NOW, break out your ruffled skirts, tease up your hair and put on some neon because we are gonna do some reminiscing!

The Brotherhood is back!  NKOTB IS BACK!!!   They are back together, and are going to do a concert tour, during which they will perform new music and old!  Oh…it’s SO exciting!  View the NKOTB trailer here.

AND LET’S HEAR IT FOR DONNIE WAHLBERG for his outlook on what is important in life…
Donnie\'s Interview --> CAN I GET AN, "AMEN!” ?

I ALMOST CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!  These guys were for my generation, what the Beatles were for my mother’s generation….”Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…..THE RIGHT STUFF!”  Can you stand it?  It makes me want to jump up, criss cross my legs, turn around with my head down in my crossed arms, then look up with athority! 


Hahah…where can I buy my tickets???!!!  I feel like I’m twelve again!  🙂  The only question now, before I get lost in their music, hotness, and Joey’s eyes is…  (Oh yes!  They still have some hotness!) 

…will their new music avoid being a big disappointment?  I have such high expectations.  I hope they ROCK!

If you want to learn more…go to:  🙂  🙂  🙂

Here are a couple links to their music video’s, to help you begin remembering…:)  (I know, I’m a goob.)
Step By Step
Hangin’ Tough

And…Mark your calendars…May 16th – They’ll be live in the plaza on the Today Show.

Now I’m going to hunt down my cassette… 🙂