Sundays are for REST AND RELAXATION. :)

Being that I like to look at Sunday’s as a day for rest, enjoyment and relaxation, I thought my theme for today would be exactly that.  Some of you may know that Anthony and I will be moving next year.  My parents have gifted us with some property and we have begun to plan for our future home.  We have selected a site, have started to draw up the floor plans, and it’s just so exciting…it’s truly coming along!  I can’t wait to move back home!  I miss my Pennsylvania roots and tremendously miss being near my family!  I’ve been day dreaming lately, and today, I put together a collage of some pictures from my design folder (inspiration for our future home) that remind me of rest and relaxation.  If you look closely, I’ve also included two pictures of our charming piece of rural property!  🙂  It’s just lovely!

 Rest and Relaxation

2 thoughts on “Sundays are for REST AND RELAXATION. :)

  1. OH wow, I love those pictures. So happy for you that you are moving back home – that must feel good! Soo, you are from PA? I’ve been to PIttsburgh a few times and loved it — and I absolutely love Primanti Bros and miss that place. I look forward to it every year!

  2. Primantis! Oh!!! Now, you’re REALLY bringing home Pittsburgh! Yes – I’m from that area. 🙂 Mmmm…Primanti Bros! You know, when I moved to Va., years ago, everyone thought I was crazy when I asked for french fries on my salad…I soon discovered that it seems to be a “Burgh” thing! 🙂 I can only imagine what other unfamiliar people would think of Primantis!

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