Happiness Grows At Our Front Door!

I am loving the warmer weather, and nothing makes me happier or more inspired than warm weather with sunshine and the flowers that come along with it…especially fragrant flowers!  Anthony and I have not even lived in our tiny house a year, so it’s exciting for me to see what pops up in our yard!  I was told that the previous owners did a nice job planting flowers, so I can’t wait to see what we discover as it gets warmer! 

     So far, we only have one tiny flower that has arrived, but it IS beautiful!  Our neighbor, Irene, has some lovely jonquils and daffodils that have blossomed, and it just makes me happy, happy, happy to see their beauty!  Yesterday I took some pictures of the beautiful new arrivals and put together a collage of their grandeur.


4 thoughts on “Happiness Grows At Our Front Door!

  1. How exciting waiting to see what pops up over the summer! From your beautiful collage of just the beginning, you have quite a treat in store!

  2. I just LOVE spring flowers! I am so ready for summer, it is not even funny! The flowers are a big help to spring fever!

  3. Your picture is beautiful. I loved it so much that I used it as my homepage on http://www.cafemom.com

    If it is not okay, just email me and let me know, and I will take it down. Thanks, and you really are amazing at photography 🙂

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