Trying out Something New

While I was visiting Sophie’s blog, she had a mix of music (great selection!) and I thought the way it was shared was super cute.  It is done through a site called, “MixWit.”  How cute is that?!  After investigating a little further, I found that it’s really easy to make your own playlists and along with, it will be another favorite of mine.  In fact, Sophie borrowed the idea from a friend of hers and I am going to borrow the idea from Sophie!  Every once in a while, I’ll share a new playlist with you.  I have so many moods, that I’m sure you’ll get a nice selection over time.  🙂  Let me know if you like my choices! 

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”bb45e50ea55fc90eb2e585350caaa790″ pid=”90047dde04faf4c1bb103f0a6be536fd” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

Creative Ideas! Earth’s Trash is These Womens’ Treasure:

I got an email from my sister in law today and thought I’d share. I LOVE seeing people recycling to make art! I have been wanting to come up with an orginal idea of my own, but nothing has REALLY struck me yet.  Are you doing any kind of creative recycling? If so, let me know! Maybe you’ll be my next featured artist.

I don’t know where these ladies are, who they are, or anything about their story, but they build horse sculptures out of driftwood and it’s amazing!