My New Pincushion/Coral Bead Plant

So, as you know, I love flowers and plants.  I find that putting flowers and plants around me that I enjoy really makes me happy.  Anthony and I were at the Home Depot yesterday and I found the cutest little plant…A “Pincushion Plant.”  It’s simply adorable!  It is tiny (no bigger than a fist) and the mounded little plant is covered in teensie little orange berries that resemble tiny ripening tomatoes.  The plant makes me think of a fun tree out of a story book.  See…   🙂

The berries are not poisonous, but are not edible, and according to the label, it is supposed to be kept in a shallow dish with water provided at all times.  I did some research on the web though, and it sounds as though many people have trouble growing these little plants.  I’m hoping I don’t have the same fate, because it’s just rediculously adorable and totally makes me smile every time I look at it!  Does anyone know anything or have experiences with the pincushion?  I’d love to hear more!

Also, I recently added my first anklet to my Etsy store.  Summer is just upon us, so I want to start adding some summery items and anklets are one that I love for the summer.  This one is made with soothing, yet fun colored beads in a variety of materials.  There are pearls, czech fire-polished faceted glass, clear glass rondelles with foiled centers and others, with sterling silver findings and a spring lock closure to compliment.  Check out my first anklet!  You can click here to buy it!  Happy Summer!

4 thoughts on “My New Pincushion/Coral Bead Plant

  1. What a cute plant! I’ve not had any experience with it so I can’t give any advice or ideas. I’m sure if you just follow the directions and keep it watered at all times you’ll be fine. Best of luck with it!

    Love the blue in the anklet! Very pretty.

  2. I am absolutely in love with those plants. In fact right now I was searching specifficaly for them and I am very lucky as you are the first one I happend to open and I dont think I need to go any further.

    I live in México and once bought one as a present for a friend at the L.A. floral district, If you can please let me know how is your pincushion doing, I would really appreciate it as I am very interested in acquiring them and use them with my floral designs.
    I have no experience with potted plants.

    I am dying to look at all your stuff…..thanks a lot.

    Beatriz Redo

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