Breaking Through

ahhh…a wonderful morning! Lucky me…I get to work SIX days this week. On the only day that I get to sleep in during that SIX day work week, my husband texts, and calls, and texts me some more — disrupting my only opportunity to get some quiet rest. I’m greeted with requests to go online and pay bills, to make phone calls and he also wants to know if I can cut his hair for him. I love my hubby, but this morning, he wasn’t my favorite person. So, since I was on the computer, I thougt I’d take the opportunity to reach out to my blogging friends and drop a line.

We have a new president! My analytical side is loving it as I watch society react to the first African American president. I read the paper this morning. There was an article talking about Obama as our first African American president, and it was followed with a statement from a “multiracial woman.” Isn’t that what Obama is? It makes me sick to hear all of the racial jokes that are coming about. I work with a woman who told me we were going to wake up this morning to a phone call to report to the cotton fields. Crap like that makes me angry. It reminds me of how much more progress we really have to make as a nation.

Anthony and I still do not have a house, but Spring is around the corner, so I’m hopeful that we will sell soon! We have finally chosen a house plan that we agree on and we are currently talking to different builders to get prices for comparison shopping. It’s exciting!

Work is going alright. The economy is definitely making its impact — it’s small now, but who knows what’s to come. Right now, we are not permitted to buy stamps and we are recycling boxes — SENT A DRESS TO A CUSTOMER THE OTHER DAY IN A TOILET PAPER BOX. That’s nice, don’t ya think? I’d of loved to be there when she got that package. Hee hee.

Well, coffee is getting cold and I need to get to work. Hope all is well in the blog world! Perhaps I’ll drop by again soon.