About Nicole Lee…

My name is Nicole Catroppo.  I am a hobby artist, who opened an Etsy store and started a blog to gain some exposure and have (Yikes!) started to get some traffic and some sales!  Yay!  The adventure is very exciting, and my creative juices continue to flow! 

With regard to topics that I cover in my blog, I enjoy posting helpful information for Etsy shop owners, featuring new artists, posting recipes, sharing inspiration and a bit about my personal life as well.  

I am very happily married to my husband, Anthony.  We had our first child in December ’09  – A delightful and beautiful baby girl, and have three wonderful dogs.  We used to live in Marlyand, which is where I started this adventure, but we have since moved and built a home in the town where I grew up, in rural America…specifically, a small village called, “Brick Church”, which is about an hour East of Pittsburgh, Pa.

I make hand crafted artisan wire-wrapped jewelry with a variety of mixed materials, but I primarily focus on gold and silver with precious and semi-precious stones.  I also make hand painted wine glasses and wine glass charms.  Occasionally I share the fruits of my other artistic past times (and I have A LOT!), but for now, jewelry, wine glass charms and hand painted wine glasses are all you will find in my Etsy store: http://nicoleleeartistry.etsy.com

Thanks for coming!  I hope you enjoy reading and if you have ideas or suggestions for my future posts, I’d love to hear them!  Please share!  I’m very friendly.

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