Concentrate On This.

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did” 

When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence…..

‘The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.’ 

The Brotherhood is BACK!!!!!

OK PEOPLE…I’m totally going to expose what a UBER-GOOB I am, but I dont’ care.  I’m beyond excited and my heart is all a flutter!  FIRST, it was the upcoming SEX IN THE CITY movie, and NOW, break out your ruffled skirts, tease up your hair and put on some neon because we are gonna do some reminiscing!

The Brotherhood is back!  NKOTB IS BACK!!!   They are back together, and are going to do a concert tour, during which they will perform new music and old!  Oh…it’s SO exciting!  View the NKOTB trailer here.

AND LET’S HEAR IT FOR DONNIE WAHLBERG for his outlook on what is important in life…
Donnie\'s Interview --> CAN I GET AN, "AMEN!” ?

I ALMOST CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!  These guys were for my generation, what the Beatles were for my mother’s generation….”Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…..THE RIGHT STUFF!”  Can you stand it?  It makes me want to jump up, criss cross my legs, turn around with my head down in my crossed arms, then look up with athority! 


Hahah…where can I buy my tickets???!!!  I feel like I’m twelve again!  🙂  The only question now, before I get lost in their music, hotness, and Joey’s eyes is…  (Oh yes!  They still have some hotness!) 

…will their new music avoid being a big disappointment?  I have such high expectations.  I hope they ROCK!

If you want to learn more…go to:  🙂  🙂  🙂

Here are a couple links to their music video’s, to help you begin remembering…:)  (I know, I’m a goob.)
Step By Step
Hangin’ Tough

And…Mark your calendars…May 16th – They’ll be live in the plaza on the Today Show.

Now I’m going to hunt down my cassette… 🙂


I’m sorry all…I usually blog every day, but I’ve been more focused on creating some new pieces with different materials and I’ve been slacking on my blog.  I do have a new artist to feature, which will be coming up sometime this week, and then I’ll show you what I’ve been up to.  Sometimes we just need a break, so today and tomorrow are mine.  I might post a picture or a poem, or a quote, but it won’t be anything that requires great thought or time.  Until I am back…I’ll share a picture that I’ve been looking at over the weekend.  It’s a cute picture of one of my neices (Ashley) peeking through a play house window, (when she was a little younger) whom I miss very much…  🙂

  Peeking Through

New, From My Favorite Etsy Sellers…

As I promised, here are some great new items from some of my favorite Etsy Sellers. (Click on any of the images below to open a new window and learn more about the item)

Have a wonderful and blessed day!



If you are an Etsy seller or your frequent the Etsy site, maybe you have or maybe you haven’t seen the waffles.  If you haven’t seen it, see here:

 And another Etsy find today…WatchManNYC – he was the featured seller  in the storque and recently opened a blingin’ shop you should totally check out!  Make sure you read his feedback.

Introducing Greenbelts…


I enjoy introducing artists now and again, who really spark my interest, and I’ve found someone who not only makes astonishingly original pieces, but she does it using recycled materials that we all wear out and throw away – belts.


Her name is Shannon Ritscher.  She is from Seattle, WA.  Shannon is a part-time graphic designer and part-time crafter (Greenbelts), but she is also a full-time, stay at home mom to her 4 year old son – Henry.  (Round of applause for balancing all three and rockin’ it out on Etsy at the same time!)  She’s awesome, is an inspiration, has a ton to choose from on Etsy and I seriously have so many favorites, it makes my head spin!


I don’t know about you, but I think the growth process of artists, when they work from the ground up, is a beautiful thing.  Shannon started listing on Etsy in June of 2007.  When I asked her about her early beginnings, she recalled, making collars and cuffs for friends and family for Christmas presents just 6 months before she opened shop.  She said they liked them so well that she thought she’d try her hand at selling them.  As Shannon thought back, she said, “I worked out of my neighbors basement for one full year before my husband finally built me a little work space (shed) on our back porch just a few months ago. Yea!”  If you’re a crafter, you can likely relate.  I know I started working at the kitchen table, which was followed by a relocation to our home office, with yet another bulge into our guest bedroom.  I don’t think the growth and development ever ends. 


I asked Shannon what her favorite material or materials are to use.  I’ve already said belts were one, but you’ll see from her work, she also enjoys working with buttons, found objects, and bottle caps and humorously, a favorite of most but not often thought of, Shannon’s other favorite thing to work with is “time.”  🙂 


Shannon’s personal favorite of the items in her shop is a toss-up, but here was her response…  “The first one is a cuff made from a very cool weathered leather belt, a giant metal washer, and an amazing vintage dark abalone carved button. The contrast between the materials makes my heart flutter. I also have a soft spot for the red, white and black large cut flower cuff and collar setthat I have listed right now. I just about go cross-eyed every night, sitting and cutting out flowers (TONS of flowers!). I think they look adorable though – especially on. I love things that are girly but without all the frill.”  I’m sure there are lots of people out there that share Shannon’s taste!


When I asked her what she loves about handmade items, Shannon said she loves the unexpected aspect of handmade items.  Wonderfully said, Shannon’s additional comments were, “when you see something fantastic that is made from something else (recycled) and/or something that is uniquely beautiful – Well, there’s nothing better.”  She also added, “I do tend to gravitate toward recycled pieces because I love things that have a story behind them.”  I too love stories and because I’m a talker, love things that generate fun conversation!  Shannon’s items are and do, exactly that, which may be why I love them so much!  Plus, I’m an animal lover with three dogs – what fashionable, dog owner girl wouldn’t love having a matching dog collar and owner cuff set?  They’re sweet!


For all of our Etsy readers out there, I always think it’s good to know how other Etsians are promoting.  I’m a firm believer in working smarter, and not harder, so I’m regularly looking to borrow ideas from other successful people.  Shannon’s success has come primarily from promoting her items through her website, a blog, her Etsy shop, Myspace, and similar web based opportunities.  

Even though we are pretty much saturated by technology these days, I know some people still don’t realize the power and marketing potential of the Internet.  With 386 Etsy items sold and having 100% positive feedback, Shannon is one to prove that it works! 


Shannon says that most of her promotional efforts have been put on hold until her son starts school next year and she has a little more time to give it a good effort.  Currently, she has products in 8 stores, from Seattle to the UK.  She has a portfolio on TrunkT, her Greenbelts are featured on and various blogs like,,,, etc.  She is also gearing up to attend some local art/craft shows this summer.  Jeesh!  For having her promotions on “hold,” I’d say she’s pretty active and thriving!


Shannon had some kind words for me for featuring her in my blog, but after learning about her, her talents, and drive, I have this to say to her: Shannon –>YOU rock! 

High Five!

And lastly – one more thing about Shannon — she’s great because her birthday is the same day as Anthony and I’s wedding Anniversary…December 17th.  🙂

Wow! What a Day Yesterday! :)

Have you ever done the happy dance?  You know…

tWIst._~**~_.tURn._~**~_.shOUt!._~**~_.jUMp!._~**~_.yAY 4 Me!!!._.~**~

Well, I am DOIN’ the HAPPY DANCE!!  Yesterday, I sold a bracelet, then ten minutes later, had a request to make and re-list one of my sold items, THEN I sold another bracelet within twenty minutes!!!  THEN… this morning I got a treasury on Treasury West – you might be in it! 
View it here:   

I just I have no idea what happened.  I am going to say that it’s karma.  What goes around, comes around.  Help others and it always comes back to help you!  I’m so excited!  So, now I’ve got to get crackin’!  After some morning exercise, I’ll be packing up jewelry, making some more, and painting some glassware for the boutique that I have to visit next week…can’t wait to show you what I’ve come up with!!  Whoo Hooo!!! Yay! 

Oh… Here’s a little fun for you.  A GUESSING GAME:  Can you guess which item I was requested to re-list?  Go to my Etsy Store to see what sold and make some guesses in the comments, as to what was requested for a re-list. 

I’m going to post again later, but until then, I’ll share a pic of the little chicken that is going to be making it’s way to my mom in the mail…My mom collects chickens and she quilts.  My mother in law had these little chickens in her kitchen and it totally reminded me of my mom.  I asked about them and she told me a friend of hers made them, so I asked about paying her friend to make me one, but she just gave this one to me instead!  My mother in law is so nice!  So, my mom doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to be getting a gift!  Not sure how much she reads my blog, but if she does, SURPRISE!  You’re getting a cute, little, quilted chicken!  🙂  ISN’T IT ADORABLE?!!!

img_1869.jpg img_1872.jpg img_1870.jpg


So, my blog posts were interrupted this past weekend.  Instead of writing, HERE IS A COLLAGE OF OUR ACTIVITIES, EVENTS, AND HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR WEEKEND. 

Moss Green Post EarringsEarthy Cross Ceramic PendantPink Cadillac - Light Pink Ceramic Band - 9 1/4Orange Swirls Ceramic PendantTextured Moss Ceramic Donut - SALE

I’ll get caught back up tomorrow.  :O)