Jewelry Survey Results Are In!

I took a jewelry survey yesterday and I was shocked to see that I got a resounding response!  It has taken some work, but the results are in.  100 people were surveyed and for those of you who are interested, here are the answers.  Numbers reflect the number of people who chose that answer.  I allowed the selection of more than one answer, unless it was a yes/no question.

What type of jewelry do you like to wear?
38 – post earrings
66 – dangle earrings
25 – All Metal earrings
39 – Hoop earrings
24 – chandelier earrings
52 – french hook earrings
12 – Ear Thread earrings
22 – Lever-back earrings
0 – Clip on earrings
21 – charm bracelets
40 – simple bracelets
16 – elastic bracelets
28 – all metal bracelets
36 – chunky bracelets
30 – multi-strand bracelets
22 – chain link bracelets
33 – beaded bracelets
59 – focal point pendant necklaces
39 – beaded necklaces
40 – all metal necklaces
31 – chunky necklaces
37- multi-strand necklaces
49 – simple, single bead pendant necklaces
22 – chain link necklaces with intermittent beads
23 – very long necklaces
17 – anklets
0 – eyeglass chains
2 – ID card lanyards
6 – hemp jewelry

-Just depends on what I’m wearing. I like a lot of jewelry, but don’t wear bracelets, ‘cuz I can’t figure out how to wear them with a watch.
nose piercing jewelry
-chain maille
rings! chunky metal preferred
Body jewelry (I have several facial piercings). It’s hard to find unique CBRs and barbells.
Dangle bracelets (not necessarily charm – wired stone drops)
big rings!
Ear cuffs
wedding ring
huge cocktail rings. big singles (30 karats and up) stone set in bezel or gallery settings (not wire wrapped)
cluster beaded pieces
chokers with bold focals that sit just in front of the larynx…sexy.
Brooches / pins

Do you own any elastic bracelets?
24 – Yes, and I wear them.
20 – Yes, but I don’t wear them.
55.6 – No.

 Tell me what you think about bracelets that use elastic.
22 – They are for kids.
20 – They are not just for kids and are great for any age.
35 – They are convenient, quick and easy.
16 – I would buy an elastic bracelet.
13 – I wouldn’t buy an elastic bracelet because I’d be afraid of it breaking.
28 – I would only buy an elastic bracelet if I knew it was made of strong, durable, and quality elastic.
24 -I wouldn’t buy an elastic bracelet because I prefer other materials. 
19 – I wouldn’t buy elastic bracelets because I think they are “cheap.”

What would be your ideal price range for handmade earrings?
55 – $10-20
54 – $20-30 (close second)
23 – $30-40

6 – $40-50
5 – $50-60
2 – $60-70
3 – $70-100
3 – $100+

What would be your ideal price range for a handmade bracelet?
42 – $10-20
35 – $20-30

26 – $30-40
10 – $40-50
10 – $50-60
6 – $60-70
6 – $70-100
3 – $100+

What would be your ideal price range for a handmade necklace?
17 – $10-20
44 – $20-30 
45 – $30-40
25 – $40-50
22 – $50-60
15 – $60-70
9 – $70-100
11 – $100+

What materials do like to wear in your jewelry?
78 – semi-precious and precious stones (close second)
21 – gold
84 – sterling silver
27 – copper
23 – other metal
44 – pearls
38 – wood
62 – glass

25 – lamp-work beads
11 – cloisonne
19 – plastic

niobium and titanium for earrings b/c of sensitive ears. Necklaces vary as to whatever strikes my fancy, but the more handmade and original-the better.
I don’t go out looking for anything in particular, I just have to like it and hopefully, it’ll go with something so I can wear it with pride.
also brass occasionally
vintage Lucite
I love fetishes and found objects — something with a bone or an antique key always catches my eye.
organic materials, horn, etc
I have a metal allergy. I’d wear copper & other metals if they didn’t give me hives.
white gold
silver-plated, acrylic, resin, anything that catches my eye ^_^
fabric & wool
Don’t care if it’s base metal 😀
vintage cabochons
If I like the necklace I don’t care what it’s made of

What type(s) of closure(s) do you prefer?
19 – spring lock
62 – lobster claw
44  -toggle
2 – barrel
26 – S-Hook
9 – Magnetic
24 – Adjustable
13 – No preference

I don’t know what 1/2 of these are, I’m not a jewelry maker. Pictures would have been nice here. I just buy what I like.
Slide clasps are nice for wider bracelets.
Lobster claw on necklaces only, not bracelets

Is there anything you are trying to find that you haven’t found yet? If so, please mention it here. Thank you!
coral-like small earrings
I usually don’t go looking – it usually finds me somehow!
Unique jewelry for a lip piercing.
Not sure if it applies to you, but I’d love to see a better selection of glass plugs for stretched lobes on Etsy.
no, i make them myself :o)
I like drop earrings, but not too long, maybe an inch at most…
I love asymmetrical necklaces!
huge cocktail rings. big singles (30 karats and up) stone set in bezel or gallery settings (not wire wrapped)
Blue earrings (dark, not aqua!)

What are your favorite colors to wear?
44 –  reds
34 – pinks
17 – oranges
12 – yellows
54 – greens
57 – blues
43 – purples
46 – browns

28 – grays
14 – cream
8 – tan
62 – black

22  -white
48 – silver
18 – gold

26 – brights
30 – cool colors
37 – warm colors
37 – neutral colors
33 – bold

2 – neon colors
10 – pastels

WHEW!!!  That was wonderful!  I know that other people who make jewelry will be interested in this survey, because it will help them to create things buyers want.  

Of course, the people I surveyed were only from a group of people who were on the internet before 12pm EST,  who were either in the Etsy forums or my blog.  I did not gather age, gender, or location information, which in retrospect, I wish I would have because now I’m curious.  I can do nothing about that now.  The information I did gather, I found to be quite interesting.  I was especially surprised to see that there is demand for body piercing jewelry, which I did not expect.

I want to hear what other people thought of the results and if you enjoyed reading my survey.  Also, if you have any other jewelry thoughts to share, or suggestions for future surveys, I’d love to hear those too!

6 thoughts on “Jewelry Survey Results Are In!

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  2. Interesting survey with good information.I believe that people could check more than one response wonder how that affected the results.Since my preference is magnetic clasps am always disappointed that more people do not choose them,sigh.

  3. Nicole,
    Good luck in your new adventure.

    I am a friend of Noriko’s. I would like to know if you re-string beaded necklaces. I don’t know if Noriko inquired about this for me yet. The necklaces are not on elastic string so I didn’t know if stringing on regular or linen string (not sure of type of string) is part of your expertise.

    Please let me know via email. I can drop off necklace to Noriko where you could pick up.

    Thank you,
    Kathleen Fitzpatrick

  4. This is so good to have read. I am into selling jewellry, and I wondering if the colours people prefer to dress in , pertain to their jewellry choice of colour as well. Does anyone know?

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