Aches, Pains, and Droopy Eyelids

  Well, after much toil, teamwork and (at times) strife, our house is finally FOR SALE! Nancy (our Realtor) came by last night to finalize the paperwork and discuss the plan. Today I am taking pictures of the house and sending them to her, and hopefully by tonight, we will have a full, complete listing in the multi-listing directory! Yippee!!! Now with it all said and just about done, in reflection, the thoughts that come to mind… “Anthony and I are a Great Team!” “OH, does my body ache and my eyelids are BEGGING to close!”

Alas, I cannot indulge in my desires for a rest just yet because we are going to Pa. this weekend and will be leaving when Anthony gets home from work and we get the car packed. So, in addition to the photographs I have to take of the house, I have packing to do. And this trip is going to be a first…we are taking ALL THREE DOGS with us!  And not only that, this will be the first LONG road trip for Bam and Bella.  Normally, we take Bam and Bella to Anthony’s mom’s house, and we take little Sadie Magoo with us, but being that Anthony and I have plans to move in with my parents for a while, while our new house gets built (after the sale of the one we are in), my mom suggested we bring everyone to test the waters.  Soooo, we are all excited, and very curious to see how Bam and Bella get along with my mom and dad’s dog, Chelsea, and can’t wait to relax!  Did I mention I’m pooped?

     Once the online listing is available, I’ll share it on my blog.  Hopefully we will be fortunate ad it will have a quick sale.  🙂  In the meantime, I am going to catch up on some reading while everything is packed away and my plan is to take it easy…at least as easy as I can.  There are still things to be done, but I SOOOO need a rest.  In fact, I may just go back to bed because I’m about to fall onto my laptop…and I would much rather fall onto my pillow.  🙂

Oh!  Before I go…I was so excited to find that I was featured in Etsy’s Storque again!  Vadjutka did an article on photographing jewelry and included mention of my adorable Cherry Drop Earrings!  Yay!

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If you’re interested in learning more about photographing jewelry, CLICK HERE to read the one in the Storque.  It’s in their How-To section and is titled, “How-to Photograph Jewelry: Get the Basics with Vadjutka.” It’s a good article – easy to read and understand for the average every-day photographer. 

Well, I’m off to bed – to take a delayed snooze… As usual, I got up to make Anthony’s lunch and generally I stay awake, but today… I’m going back to bed.  🙂 

I am Woman.  I am strong.  I am so tired.

🙂 Wish us luck and say a prayer that our house sells quickly!  Have a wonderful day! 🙂


It’s MARCH 1st!!!

Wow – time sure is flying!  I opened my shop in January and that seems like just yesterday, but here it is March already!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  So, I discovered some new bloggers today.  One in particular, is seeking the best cupcake recipe.  (See Kim’s blog for more details –

I told her that I have the BEST CUPCAKE RECIPE EVER and I’m going to blog about it tomorrow.  If you have never heard about them before, “Black Bottom Cupcakes” are the best and a must make if you have never had them!!!  I’ve had different recipes of them, but this one is, by far…the very best cupcake – especially if you like chocolate!  So, check back tomorrow, when I will be posting the recipe and pictures.  :O)

I will also mention that I have a new favorite artist, whom I believe will definitely be going places!  I am planning to feature her on my blog as well, but for now I’ll keep it a secret as to who she is.  I’m bursting at the seams to tell!  I’m so excited!!!

On a completely different note, I thought I’d share a little piece of my life, as I don’t seem to do that too often.  My husband, Anthony, and I have three dogs – “Bam,” “Bella,” and “Sadie.”  They give me much to write about and before I venture that far, I’d like to introduce them.  I will start with our baby boy…

“Bambino” – AKA “Bam”
An Old English Bulldogge.  Brindled coat with a curly tail. 
Famous for his facial expressions, communication methods, thinking ability, attitude, short-lived play and most of all, his SCHMOOSHY FACE! 
A lover.  A cuddler.  High maintenance!
Accomplishments:  Recently Sired the Cutest Litter EVER!  Watch a slide show of them:

Bam - Stud ShotBam - GRASS SMOOSHBam - Smile
Bam - Smile2Bam - SingingBam - Tongue OutBam - HUH?
Bam - Why?