It’s MARCH 1st!!!

Wow – time sure is flying!  I opened my shop in January and that seems like just yesterday, but here it is March already!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  So, I discovered some new bloggers today.  One in particular, is seeking the best cupcake recipe.  (See Kim’s blog for more details –

I told her that I have the BEST CUPCAKE RECIPE EVER and I’m going to blog about it tomorrow.  If you have never heard about them before, “Black Bottom Cupcakes” are the best and a must make if you have never had them!!!  I’ve had different recipes of them, but this one is, by far…the very best cupcake – especially if you like chocolate!  So, check back tomorrow, when I will be posting the recipe and pictures.  :O)

I will also mention that I have a new favorite artist, whom I believe will definitely be going places!  I am planning to feature her on my blog as well, but for now I’ll keep it a secret as to who she is.  I’m bursting at the seams to tell!  I’m so excited!!!

On a completely different note, I thought I’d share a little piece of my life, as I don’t seem to do that too often.  My husband, Anthony, and I have three dogs – “Bam,” “Bella,” and “Sadie.”  They give me much to write about and before I venture that far, I’d like to introduce them.  I will start with our baby boy…

“Bambino” – AKA “Bam”
An Old English Bulldogge.  Brindled coat with a curly tail. 
Famous for his facial expressions, communication methods, thinking ability, attitude, short-lived play and most of all, his SCHMOOSHY FACE! 
A lover.  A cuddler.  High maintenance!
Accomplishments:  Recently Sired the Cutest Litter EVER!  Watch a slide show of them:

Bam - Stud ShotBam - GRASS SMOOSHBam - Smile
Bam - Smile2Bam - SingingBam - Tongue OutBam - HUH?
Bam - Why?