It’s Been A LONG TIME!!!

Wow!¬† I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for SO long!¬† The closer we got to moving, the¬†less and less I blogged, and then I just stopped completely after it happened.¬† Moving wasn’t so much the issue, but work was!¬† I got a job managing a big name designer bridal salon.¬† It consumed be because I was understaffed.¬† Soooo, I got to work…A TON.

We moved in with my parents and our plan was to live with them until our Baltimore home sold.¬†¬†My parents are great and they are really easy to live with – lots of love and fun.¬† As wonderful as it can be, it does still add stress.¬† Anthony and I (and my parents) had a lot of adjusting to do in a lot of ways…work, new area, new house, new roommates, and well…it’s just a whole lotta new to take in!¬†¬†Can you say S-T-R-E-S-S??¬† :)That was¬†back in July.¬†¬†It’s now November and¬†although we have received lots of interest on the house, and it shows very well, it just hasn’t sold.¬† ūüė¶¬† We continue to¬†play¬†the waiting game.

It’s all good though…work has¬†panned out and¬†has turned out to be¬†one of the best jobs I’ve¬†ever had and I have the pleasure of working with ALL¬†wonderful people – absolutely amazing!!!

My¬†Etsy¬†store has sadly fallen to the wayside.¬† I¬†have very little time for hobbies these days.¬† I work A LOT, and when I’m not working, I try to spend those fleeting moments with my family and friends.¬†¬†Not only that, but I really don’t want to make a mess out of any area of my parents’ house.¬† We already brough three additional dogs into their home…which is mess¬†enough for¬†now.¬† Sooo, I will wait¬†until the house sells to pick up the pace on that again.¬† THEN, I can get my soldering¬†work area set up also!¬† I can’t wait!

Well, I hope to hear from some of my blogging friends…I know many of you have faithfully been keeping in touch with me and I haven’t made time to get on here¬†and blog.¬† I’m going to do my best to get back on this horse…at least once a week.¬† Until my next entry, which will I’m sure be more exciting than this one, have a blessed day and a blessed week!

Bright, NEW MONTHLY GOALS…April Evaluation.

April is coming to an end and it begs that I evaluate my April Goals and contemplate new ones for May.  My April goals were to:

1. Get 350 hearts on Etsy (Check!  Accomplished today!)

2. Reach a total of 30 sales…still have 7 to go…anyone want to buy?¬† Go to my shop now!¬† (NO MINIMUM PURCHASE…BUY before April ends and get a FREE PAIR OF EARRINGS!)

3. Drive more traffic to my blog…sporadic.¬† I tried some new things and although I still have traffic, it is up and down.¬† Some days I have TONS and other days nothing…I suppose most blogs have that though – up and down.¬† I’m going to keep at it, but am open to any suggestions to keep traffic flowing.¬† ūüôā

4. Get something in a new local boutique – one shop has agreed to carry my wine glasses! (check!)

5. Make new items every day and post new items in my shop regularly.  (I consistently made new items, but was not as consistent with listing as I would have liked.)

6. Post in the forums, blog every day and stay active on Etsy, building relationships and getting to know other crafters. (Well, I almost blogged every day and stayed active on Etsy, though not as much in the evenings as I used to.)  

7. Gain as much exposure as I can. (check!)

Special news…
¬† I¬†had a really nice thing happen yesterday!¬† If you follow my blog, you may remember Shannon from greenbelts.¬† Well, yesterday, Shannon had the honor and privilege of being selected as the featured artist in Etsy’s “Etsy Success Stories!”¬†AND she wore my Lemon Drop earrings in the pictures that they used!!!¬†

¬†Yippee!!!¬† She also included my new “Jonquil Delight” earrings as a favorite of hers below the article!¬† How sweet is she?¬† Very!¬† ūüôā¬† So, it goes to show how important it is to develop relationships!¬† It’s all about networking!

So, for my May goals…I’m giving them thought,¬†with regard that I will need to embrace the¬†challenges that warm weather will brings.¬† I’d like to hear your goals!¬† Let’s help one another take off!¬† =)


My Newest Creations…

Well, I haven’t been sharing much of my own creations lately, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my newest Etsy shop additions with those of you who do not visit the store.¬†¬†I visit a lot of blogs regularly, but don’t often venture onto my fellow etsy friends’ storefronts!¬† Awful me – I should probably try to make a habit of visiting their stores at least once a month.¬† So, here’s my newest additions from Nicole Lee Artistry’s Etsy Store and to make up for my shortcomings, tomorrow I’m going to post some new additions from my fave sellers.¬† I’ve also got a new artist to debut in the works. Enjoy! (you can click on any image below¬†to learn more about that item)