I’m in THREE BEAUTIFUL treasuries!!!!

Yippee!!!  This is so exciting!  I hope it helps drive sales!  Yippe!  Yippe!  YippEE!!!

 Here’s what got featured in the treasuries (Pretty, pretty, pretty!) 

reflections-earrings-eye-catch-pic-for-etsy-2.jpg new-stuff-04.jpg aventurine-and-carnelian-necklace-01-22.jpg

Here are the treasuries, care of excely , CurlyGirlCrochet  and Rittenhouse.  Thank you so much!  They are absolutely gorgeous!  Before they die, you can view them by clicking on the images.  When they die, the images will stay for posterity!  :O)

and the landslide brings it down treat yourself orangeyouinlovewiththeseshops_by_rittenhouse.jpg


While sitting at my computer, I see something and it immediately takes my breath away!  I squeal with excitement, start dancing around the room and squealing some more.  At this point, I’ve got the dogs excited and they have NO idea why I’m acting this way.  BUT, they are excited with me!  We are all jumping around, I’m squealing with joy and galloping through the house with high steps, (looking like the Music Man from Gary Indiana!) light footed and my arms in the air!  I can’t contain my joy!  Why, you ask?  Why am I am SO excited right now that I cannot contain myself?  Well…

for the first time…




I hug my husband in my excitement.  We are laughing.  He tells me he’s happy, “congratulations and good job hun!” (as his eyes search for the sky because I’m just such a goober) and we laugh some more as I hug him like an idiot.  I am a total goofball!  (Thank heavens for my husband still loving me despite my being a totally rediculous moron at times!  I love him SO MUCH!) 

It may not be the BEST treasury in the world, by a critic’s standards, but I AM IN A TREASURY!!!!  My jewelry could be seen by LOTS of people around the world!  That is HUGE!  

I call my parents and my father answers.  God bless him, I make up for what he lacks in enthusiasm…he is not sure what a “treasury” is but he can tell I’m ecstatic and he says, “Well, that’s good!”  in a calm, but cheerful voice.  I am so excited!  He just isn’t sharing my level of enthusiasm and so I giggle and ask if my mother is home so I can tell her.  As he proceeds to pass the phone to my mom, he is trying to prepare her for my squeals and tries to explain that I’m in a “treasury” and that it’s something really good because my jewelry is on the front page and can be seen by people around the world. 

My mom gets on the phone and is certainly more excited.  She is very, VERY happy for me and I can tell she is smiling by the tone of her voice.  She is excited about the future and what it could hold for me.  I tell her that I will send her a link so she can view it.  I am grateful for my loving parents and that I have them to share life’s precious moments with.  Yet, I am still so much more excited than anyone else, because they just don’t know what it means to me.  Jeesh!  I just want SOMEONE to jump up and down with me!

I get off the phone and I look down.  THERE…in the darkness of the room I’ve run into that has no lights on… is our bulldog, Bam.  He is sitting quietly beside me, waiting for me to acknowledge that HE is there to SHARE my JOY!  Hahaha.  So, I put down the phone and I tell him I’m in a treasury with GREAT, high pitched excitement in my voice!  He leaps up and is jumping with me, with the biggest smile that could ever be on a bulldog’s face.  :O)  Thank God above for DOGS!  They are there whenever you need them, for whatever you need, ready and waiting to give you whatever you want from them.  

I then call my friend Jenn – FINALLY, a human who nearly shares my joy!  She probably would have, were it not for the fact that she was with her family – dining out for dinner.  Yay!  Yippee!!!  I feel like I am the happiest person in the world at THIS very moment.  :O)

So, all that said…It is a good night.  No.  It’s a great night!  No.  It is a more than great night!  I’m in a treasury…for the VERY FIRST TIME!  And, hopefully not the last!

I took a screen shot to keep it for posterity, but have also provided the link, for as long as it will last (which is until Wednesday, March 5th.)

Here is the URL:


Here is what it looks like:
Top of treasury
TreasuryMiddle with ME!
Treasury comments

Hahaha!  Yippeee!!!   On top of that…I was about to log off of Etsy and OH MY GOSH!  I got a treasury too!!!  I AM HAVING SUPER LUCK TONIGHT!

HERE’S THE LINK: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=31812