My husband’s website…

I don’t know if anybody out there, who reads my blog, is into or knows anyone who is into Mixed Martial Arts, but my husband recently started a company with one of his best friends, “Chuck.”  They are an affiliate of a company in Canada, called Red Dragon Fight Company.  If you are familiar with fighters, Mauricio Shogun Rua, Murilo Ninja Rua or Fabricio Werdum, Red Dragon sponsors them.

Our goal is to drive people to Anthony and Chuck’s site and they get credited for all sales through teir page.  The address URL is  It’s pretty new for us too, and we are trying our best to make both our our businesses popular, so if anyone knows anyone who is a fan of MMA or UFC, or who owns a gym or a martial arts school and can pass the word, we’d be grateful for the chatter!  I know there have to be some men out there interested.  

You can click here to visit their site too:
Bully Ink Business Card Front