After a long hiatus, I am back! In the time since my last post, we FINALLY solidified our house plans – didn’t end up being the plans I posted, but we built our home and moved out of my parents house…woohoo! I love them, but all good things come to an end, including the hospitality of parents. I also changed jobs AND we had our first child!!! We had a beautiful daughter and we’ve been busy, but it is all very, very good and we are VERY, VERY BLESSED!

I’m back in the saddle again and I am making jewelry after way too long! I did two craft shows the past two weekends and the new area we live in is proving to be quite different from Maryland! Rural America HAS to have people who enjoy quality jewelry…I just have yet to find them and where they live. hahaha. The two craft shows that I did were profitable, and although not as much as I would have liked, they brought in cash that I didn’t have before the shows, so I am happy. The other thing that has happened is that my Aunt Barb started making jewelry with me. We get together every Friday and craft together. It’s quite enjoyable to have crafting company! Having a baby has changed things as well…making time for my crafting is arranged around the baby’s schedule, which is challenging at times, but I’ve found it has made me more productive! I think that the saying stays true… “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”

With my new job, I’ve returned to my educational roots and I’m back to being a professional counselor. I really enjoy where I work at and the people are great…not to mention that the stress levels are better than my job at Alfred Angelo! One month after I changed jobs, we got pregnant! We are trying again for a second baby now, so we shall see what life has planned. ūüôā

It’s late, so I’m off to bed, but I’m back and I believe that it is finally for good…ahhh, it is good to be back! Hope some of you are still out there!!!

It’s Been A LONG TIME!!!

Wow!¬† I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for SO long!¬† The closer we got to moving, the¬†less and less I blogged, and then I just stopped completely after it happened.¬† Moving wasn’t so much the issue, but work was!¬† I got a job managing a big name designer bridal salon.¬† It consumed be because I was understaffed.¬† Soooo, I got to work…A TON.

We moved in with my parents and our plan was to live with them until our Baltimore home sold.¬†¬†My parents are great and they are really easy to live with – lots of love and fun.¬† As wonderful as it can be, it does still add stress.¬† Anthony and I (and my parents) had a lot of adjusting to do in a lot of ways…work, new area, new house, new roommates, and well…it’s just a whole lotta new to take in!¬†¬†Can you say S-T-R-E-S-S??¬† :)That was¬†back in July.¬†¬†It’s now November and¬†although we have received lots of interest on the house, and it shows very well, it just hasn’t sold.¬† ūüė¶¬† We continue to¬†play¬†the waiting game.

It’s all good though…work has¬†panned out and¬†has turned out to be¬†one of the best jobs I’ve¬†ever had and I have the pleasure of working with ALL¬†wonderful people – absolutely amazing!!!

My¬†Etsy¬†store has sadly fallen to the wayside.¬† I¬†have very little time for hobbies these days.¬† I work A LOT, and when I’m not working, I try to spend those fleeting moments with my family and friends.¬†¬†Not only that, but I really don’t want to make a mess out of any area of my parents’ house.¬† We already brough three additional dogs into their home…which is mess¬†enough for¬†now.¬† Sooo, I will wait¬†until the house sells to pick up the pace on that again.¬† THEN, I can get my soldering¬†work area set up also!¬† I can’t wait!

Well, I hope to hear from some of my blogging friends…I know many of you have faithfully been keeping in touch with me and I haven’t made time to get on here¬†and blog.¬† I’m going to do my best to get back on this horse…at least once a week.¬† Until my next entry, which will I’m sure be more exciting than this one, have a blessed day and a blessed week!

Past-Blasting Techno Music in the Morning!

¬† Well, that image is a little much…I don’t LOVE techno, but today I do!¬†¬†I was rummaging through old boxes the other day and found a CD with some old but really good mixed music on it.¬† There’s lots of different styles – techno, house, rap, easy listening, metal, pop and rock and it’s all mixed together with a great beat!¬† I’m talking… Prince’s,”When Doves Cry” mixed up with a techno version of the theme song from Inspector Gadget, mixed with some “Sexual Healing,” a little twisting of the shirt around your head like a helicopter¬†that also eventually¬†leads up to some Creed!¬† It’s nuts, but really invigorating!¬† I popped it in this morning and am feeling totally pumped for my day!¬† Don’t you just love when you find old music that pumps you up?¬† I do!¬† Especially when there’s so much to get done in a day!¬† ūüôā¬†

¬† Update on house progress: All new windows¬†got installed yesterday!!!¬† They look awesome!¬†¬†I painted the oil tank – looks brand new, added some colorful annual flowers to the landscape, painted the hallway a fresh new white, Anthony cut new trim for some of the windows where it was needed, I epoxy painted the front porch in a beautiful tan tone with flecks of neutral¬†colors¬†– gorgeous compared to the torn up rusted red paint color that was there previously!¬† I cleaned out the whole garage and am done going through my old boxes and a gigantic trash heap that I created is getting hauled away today at 1:30.¬† Yay!¬† Tonight we are pressure washing the garage and will start painting the trim around the windows and doors inside.¬† Every day I pack a little more and that is all coming along nicely.¬† ūüôā¬† We heard back from one builder and are still waiting to hear back from another.¬† We really wanted to solidify a plan for our house by the end of May…hope they pull through soon!

¬† Soldering Supplies Update:¬† To add to my list…

Ring Mandrel with grooves and measures
Ring Mandrel without grooves, but with measures
Jeweler’s Saw
Saw Blades – a selection of various sizes 144 blades
Copper Tongs
Cross-Locking Fiber Grip Tweezers – one pair of straight and one pair with a bent nose
Third Hand
Bench Vise
File Set
Window Fan for ventilation
Torch with Hose and small tips- right now, I’m going to use what we used in class – MAPP gas
dowel rod for making jump rings
ball pien hammers
planishing/grooving hammer
rubber mallet

I’m looking forward to when we are done with all of this business of home improvements…I’ll be able to focus on my Etsy stuff again – which is getting ignored lately.¬† Yoi!¬†