Introducing Bella…

I’ve introduced “Bam” so now I’m going to introduce another baby of ours.  If you are new to my blog, my husband, Anthony, and I have three dogs.  Two (Bam and Bella) are Old English Bulldogges and one (Sadie) is a Border Collie Mix.  I’ve already introduced Bam, so today it’s Bella’s turn.

“Bella” – AKA “Wiggle Bum”
An Old English Bulldogge.  Fawn and white in color. 
Famous for her intimidation factor, power-wiggling happy bum, the funny way she sits, defiance, limit-testing and a persistent melancholy appearance (although sometimes she laughs – see pics!).   
Our “problem child,” a trouble-maker, but a sweetheart!
Accomplishments:  Food theft, home Demolition, Loud Snoring
….and leaves the biggest dump in the yard (yeah – gross, but true!).
bella.jpg bella2.jpg bella4.jpg bella3.jpg
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