Our House Listing is COMPLETE!

So, I’ve been telling of our adventures in fixing up our house before we put it on the market.  We have been work, work, working on updating, painting and a list of other tasks.  We certainly do not live in Hollywood, but it is a cozy little house that we have enjoyed for more than a year now.  As you may or may not already know, Anthony and I are moving to Pennsylvania, so we are selling.  The listing for the house was completed this past weekend and fortunately for us (I hope!) we’ve had two calls and some people stop out front to write information down!  Turns out, they also called our agent, and they will be at our open house this coming Sunday.  🙂  Hopefully they won’t be the only ones!  🙂  With all of the hub bub, I thought I’d share the listing with you, let you see where I live, and see what you think.  Any suggestions for no-cost improvements are welcome if you think it will help us sell!  Click here to see the house pics. Note:  In the upper left hand corner, click on the camera with a number 25 next to it to see all pics.

On another note, Anthony and I were in Pa. this past weekend for Father’s Day.  Of course it can never just be a simple visit.  We went to job interviews, visited with family and looked at houses.  We’ve decided to also consider buying, before we finalize plans to build.  That way, we will be able to make a very confident, fully informed decision.  We found some very nice homes and now it’s a matter of waiting to get some more answers and monetary figures back from builders.  Once we have that information, we will be able to make some REAL concrete decisions regarding what direction we prefer to go.  

Building and Buying both have their pros and cons…anyone want to chime in with their two cents?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  If we build, our options are a “stick-built” home, or to build a “modular” home.  We are liking the modular homes because they have not only come a long way in quality since their inception, but they can be built much more quickly than an “on-site” built house.  When I say “more quickly” I mean about 4 months from start of the paperwork to finished/turn-key house!  That is definitely appealing!  Buying a house would likely take less time than that.  So many things to think about!  And now that we are considering buying, as an option too, there’s even more.  Yoi!

To add to all that is going on, I mentioned we are looking for jobs.  I have decided to go back to work.  I can still do my artwork and Etsy store, but I definitely like working and bringing home some bacon.  I’ve been selective and have applied for some great positions in Pa., but of all of them, I had my interview for the one I really want YESTERDAY, so I have my fingers crossed.  I don’t want to count any “chickens before they hatch,” but the lady who interviewed me instilled great confidence and optimism about a future with their company.  I’d tell you what the job is and the company name, but I don’t want to jinx myself.  🙂  So, I’ll just give you a little picture hint…see if you can formulate any guesses:

Aches, Pains, and Droopy Eyelids

  Well, after much toil, teamwork and (at times) strife, our house is finally FOR SALE! Nancy (our Realtor) came by last night to finalize the paperwork and discuss the plan. Today I am taking pictures of the house and sending them to her, and hopefully by tonight, we will have a full, complete listing in the multi-listing directory! Yippee!!! Now with it all said and just about done, in reflection, the thoughts that come to mind… “Anthony and I are a Great Team!” “OH, does my body ache and my eyelids are BEGGING to close!”

Alas, I cannot indulge in my desires for a rest just yet because we are going to Pa. this weekend and will be leaving when Anthony gets home from work and we get the car packed. So, in addition to the photographs I have to take of the house, I have packing to do. And this trip is going to be a first…we are taking ALL THREE DOGS with us!  And not only that, this will be the first LONG road trip for Bam and Bella.  Normally, we take Bam and Bella to Anthony’s mom’s house, and we take little Sadie Magoo with us, but being that Anthony and I have plans to move in with my parents for a while, while our new house gets built (after the sale of the one we are in), my mom suggested we bring everyone to test the waters.  Soooo, we are all excited, and very curious to see how Bam and Bella get along with my mom and dad’s dog, Chelsea, and can’t wait to relax!  Did I mention I’m pooped?

     Once the online listing is available, I’ll share it on my blog.  Hopefully we will be fortunate ad it will have a quick sale.  🙂  In the meantime, I am going to catch up on some reading while everything is packed away and my plan is to take it easy…at least as easy as I can.  There are still things to be done, but I SOOOO need a rest.  In fact, I may just go back to bed because I’m about to fall onto my laptop…and I would much rather fall onto my pillow.  🙂

Oh!  Before I go…I was so excited to find that I was featured in Etsy’s Storque again!  Vadjutka did an article on photographing jewelry and included mention of my adorable Cherry Drop Earrings!  Yay!

Click Here to See them in My Etsy Store!

If you’re interested in learning more about photographing jewelry, CLICK HERE to read the one in the Storque.  It’s in their How-To section and is titled, “How-to Photograph Jewelry: Get the Basics with Vadjutka.” It’s a good article – easy to read and understand for the average every-day photographer. 

Well, I’m off to bed – to take a delayed snooze… As usual, I got up to make Anthony’s lunch and generally I stay awake, but today… I’m going back to bed.  🙂 

I am Woman.  I am strong.  I am so tired.

🙂 Wish us luck and say a prayer that our house sells quickly!  Have a wonderful day! 🙂


Soldering Supplies…My gathering begins.

For those of you who may not know, I took some soldering classes in January of this year and I’ve since wanted to set up my own workshop to solder silver pieces at home. 

After MUCH research, I have now started to purchase my supplies and I’m SOOOO excited! 

With our (hopefully) upcoming move, I have decided to collect my supplies and materials and will wait to set up shop until we’re in Pennsylvania.  That way, I can take my time collecting what I need, not spend my money all at once, and I won’t have to close AND pack up my shop.

What I have so far, isn’t much, but more is on the way in the mail.  🙂  I need ALL supplies to work with metal and to solder, so my list is longer than just soldering supplies.  In no particular order, this is what I’ve got thus far:
1. ball peen hammer
2. 4×4 steel bench block
3. silver solder – hard, medium, (easy is in the mail)
4. bench vise
5. bench pin with C-clamp
6. pickling acid
7. a bastard file
8. set of pliers
9. letters/numbers stamping set
10. sand paper in three different grades
11. 12×12 silquar soldering board (but it broke in transit, so it’s getting mailed back) 😦

Even though I’m not setting up shop yet, it’s so fun to gather what I need.  It will be great to know that, when I do set up shop, I will !

We’ve been working so hard lately, that we really needed a break.  So, last night, we got Chinese (yay!  no cooking!  And it had been ages since I ate unhealthy Chinese food – it was really good!) and we got a Redbox movie – National Treasure’s sequel, which we give two “thumbs up.”  Tonight it’s back to home improvements…we’re painting all of the doors.

Before I close, I’ll share a picture of what we envision for our Pa. home (minus the lamp post – haha)
and a quote for you to ponder…
“You never know what the future will bring – But you can determine what you will bring to the future.”
~Author Unknown

Life is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Other Plans…

Isn’t it so true?!  Anthony and I have had a plan that was well-laid out and were on our way to accomplishing all that we had planned.  We were planning to put our little house on the market next March, planning to build a home in Pennsylvania thereafter and were planning to relocate and build a family near my roots and relatives.  Well, one day recently, after arranging for replacement windows to be put in the entire house (a total of 17 windows), he suggested we sell sooner than planned and I agreed.

Soooooo, now the plan is to prepare our home so we can put it on the market THIS JUNE and we plan to relocate and build within the next 6 months (if possible and all goes well).  We’ve been watching our HGTV and DIY channels, made a list of home improvements and a list of supplies.  We went to The Home Depot and purchased all that we would need for our projects, and now we are working our little tails off fixing the place up for sale. 

Our house is a home that Anthony purchased last year, with the intention not to stay long.  He planned on staying a couple of years and then selling it.  It’s an old house, built in 1941, and it has a cute story.  The community in which we live was built when a local airport (Martin State Airport) was booming.  The employees of Martin State Airport were able to purchase the homes at about $5,000.00.  Many of the homes in the area, though some have changed over the years, are very similar in style and you can definitely see the old community bones.  We live just outside of Baltimore and are within a hop, skip, and a jump from most anything we might need.  Our little town is a blue-collar community and there are many families with children.  It was supposedly the first housing community ever built in the U.S. and I find it charming.

Knowing all of that now, if you follow my blog and wonder why I’ve not been posting regularly, that is why.  I thought I’d inform though, and take you on our little journey of fixing up the house.  So far, we have done some landscaping and undertook the task of replacing the lawn in the back yard…from seed.  I hope it takes, because it was in dire need, a lot of work was put into it and if it doesn’t grow, it’s going to be an eyesore!  We still have some minor cosmetic things to do outside, like painting doors and fixing up the front entry, but most of our tasks are inside tasks.  Our house is about 1100 square feet.  We have a Living Room, Kitchen/Dining area, a sun room, a laundry room, three bedrooms and one bath.  I’d tell you our to-do list, but I think I’ll save it for another day. 

In the meantime, we are just about finished with the sunroom.  We painted and put down new flooring.  Now, I just have to clean up the door and after the windows are put in, it’s good to go!  Our next project to focus on is the bathroom.  We are not gutting it, but we are replacing the sink/cabinet, the hardware, lighting, accessories and are painting.  We don’t have much time, so I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of updates as we move along.  Today, I’m cleaning up the sunroom door and I’m starting to remove the bathroom glass door.  I suppose I should share some pics with you…I’ll do so either later today or tomorrow.  Until then, there will be a house for sale SOON…and we’ve got a lot to do until that time!!

Sundays are for REST AND RELAXATION. :)

Being that I like to look at Sunday’s as a day for rest, enjoyment and relaxation, I thought my theme for today would be exactly that.  Some of you may know that Anthony and I will be moving next year.  My parents have gifted us with some property and we have begun to plan for our future home.  We have selected a site, have started to draw up the floor plans, and it’s just so exciting…it’s truly coming along!  I can’t wait to move back home!  I miss my Pennsylvania roots and tremendously miss being near my family!  I’ve been day dreaming lately, and today, I put together a collage of some pictures from my design folder (inspiration for our future home) that remind me of rest and relaxation.  If you look closely, I’ve also included two pictures of our charming piece of rural property!  🙂  It’s just lovely!

 Rest and Relaxation

Introducing, “TWO BEES IN A POD”

Pack of 2 Leaf Thinking of You Cards 

I met a lovely new Etsian in the forums recently.  And if you know me or read my blog, you know I like to scrapbook and such.  My new-found Etsy friend has similar interests and she does some really lovely work.  Her name is Ally.  Like my some of my other blogging buddies, she is a full time student, which is a job in itself, and she maintains an Etsy store where she creates and sells handmade greeting cards and the occasional gift tags.   She also only recently started making, “thank you” business cards, which are a BIG hit.

 Ally’s Etsy shop is a mother/daughter act.  Being that I have a close relationship with my mother and being that we also both craft, I immediately connected with her profile.  Ally and her mother work together to list items in their shop, but being younger and more computer savvy, Ally is the one you will more than likely be dealing with if you are in the chat rooms, forums or if you convo them.  

Flower Happy Mothers Day Card

Ally and her mother, (TWO BEES IN A POD) are located in Pennsylvania, near Philly.  Even though they’re on the other end of the state from where I grew up, I’m hometown proud of our Pennsylvania Etsy crafters!

Colorful Circles Birthday Card

 At this point in Ally’s crafting, she is not supporting herself with her creations.  She is currently in school, earning her Elementary and Special education degrees, BUT she hopes to one day own a little shop where she can sell her cards.  I’m sure she will do it!  She’s very talented!

Pack of 2 Paisley Thoughts of You Cards

Right now, Ally’s cards and all other items from TWO BEES IN A POD can only be found on Etsy.  She is trying to get involved with some local craft shows though, so you may see her out and about! 

10 Circle Thank Yous Either Tags or Notes

I asked Ally what inspires her and she said that she’s most inspired by pictures in magazines.  She said that all of the colors the magazines use just draw her in!  She said she can look at a magazine then go home and immediately know what she wants to create.  I must say that I relate to Ally on this point as well.  I always find myself looking through Pottery Barn and the like for inspiration! 

Blank Brown Flower Cards

Ally creates in what used to be her dining room.  She reports that she got rid of the dining room table and just put a huge desk.  So, now she has plenty of room!  :]  When Ally is not creating, she spends her time studying.  She says she studies even when she IS creating!

With regard to her goals, Ally’s first and foremost goal is to graduate. :]   After that, she said that, if she can sell at least 20 cards a month, that would make her happy.  She loves doing custom orders as well, so she’d like to do a bunch of those also!

I asked Ally, of the items in her Etsy shop, which one was her favorite, why, and if she could tell us anything unique about the inspiration behind it or why she likes it the most?

Her favorite item is her Flowery Thank You Card:
Flowery Thank You Card

Here’s what she said:  “It is my favorite item because I just love the paper.  It is so springy and eye-catching!  I love the different use of ribbon, the bow and the two borders. I tried so hard to find springy paper that I liked!  I searched for a LONG time before I found this, and now I’m using it for a lot of things!  I like it the most because it represents me. It represents my whole personality. Fun and crazy but still calm and collective.”

Ally’s friends and family are extremely supportive of her.  She reports that they always want to buy her cards and when she’s at a family gathering, they are always saying that her stuff is great and want to know where they can get it!  Ally says her boyfriend is her biggest fan and thinks her cards are great.  She says that she can always tell he is really proud of her!  With the support and encouragement that Ally is receiving and the awesome prices she’s got, she’s bound to develop a great fan base and go far!

With regard to sharing anything else, not already covered, Ally said, “I love being on Etsy, it really gave me the confidence to try new things and not to be afraid of anything!”

Blue Inspired Flower Thank You Card

You can visit Ally and her mother’s shop, “TWO BEES IN A POD” by

After The Weekend And Into The Week…

Well!  It was SOME weekend!  Anthony and I traveled four and a half hours to Pennsylvania and enjoyed wonderful company, good times, delicious food and the makings of new memories.  What more can one ask for?  I’ll tell you what…Some more Snickers fudge from Smicksburg!  :O)  Mmmmmm!!!  So good!   (If anyone has a great recipe for it, please share!)

It’s Tuesday now.  I’ve settled back into Maryland and our usual daily life.  It’s getting warmer out but still a bit chilly.  I do, indeed, welcome the increased daylight that we have been gifted with as a result of daylight savings time.  I’m looking forward to working in yard with the sun on my back, tending my flowers and hopefully a few vegetables this year too!

On another note, I’ve been full of some thoughts lately, that I will share.  You see, I want to GIVE to charities and other good causes.  I mentioned it to my husband and his response was aghast because, although sales are picking up, I’m not exactly rolling in the crafting dough.  I guess, my thoughts are that, when you give, it always comes back to you.  I would like to be able to give a percentage of my proceeds to a good cause.  I want to do more than be an artist who makes money for their own good.  I’d like to be an artist who, not only defies the phrase, “starving artist,” but I’d also like to be an artist who makes money for the good of others so they don’t have to “starve.”  It’s funny that this was on my mind, because today I was asked to donate some jewelry for a silent auction that will benefit a local charity called, “Cops n Kids.”  I am so happy to be asked and I will most certainly be donating!  In the meantime, I suppose I will continue to bounce my thoughts around and perhaps God will bless me with continued answers.

I made some new necklaces last night and today, and I’ve got more ideas brewing in my head, so I want to create before they escape me!  Here are the two that I finished and listed:

Red Hot Wood Necklace:
Red Hot Wood Necklace


Black and True Blue Necklace

I’m debating whether or not to make coordinating earrings and bracelets.  I’d love to post polls on my blog.  I’ve seen people do that before, but I’m still too new to blogging.  I’m not savvy enough to have the knowledge.  If anyone knows how to insert such widgets, I’d love the help.  In the meantime, I’ll be on a mission, surfing the net to find out.  Have a wonderful evening!

P.S.  I’ve got some great new artists to feature soon!  Their write ups are in the works.  Stay tuned to my blog to see who they are!


So, my blog posts were interrupted this past weekend.  Instead of writing, HERE IS A COLLAGE OF OUR ACTIVITIES, EVENTS, AND HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR WEEKEND. 

Moss Green Post EarringsEarthy Cross Ceramic PendantPink Cadillac - Light Pink Ceramic Band - 9 1/4Orange Swirls Ceramic PendantTextured Moss Ceramic Donut - SALE

I’ll get caught back up tomorrow.  :O)

Hello world!

Hi to all! I’ve never done a blog before, but I recently started an Etsy store and have been hearing a lot about blogging.  I’m looking for ways to market my shop and I also want to help other people out like other have helped me. I’ve been told about the power of blogs, so I thought I’d give it a try. I hope it generates more business for me and for others. I’m not have exactly sure what I’m going to do with it yet, with regard to theme or topics, but I’m sure that will develop in time.

A little about me: I live near Baltimore, Maryland, but am originally from a small town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called “Ford City.” More specifically, I grew up in the village of Brick Church, which is a charming rural community full of warm-hearted, friendly, generous people.

I moved away from Pennsylvania when I got divorced and although that divorce started a chain of difficult events, I have reached what I believe to be the light at the end of that dark tunnel. I have found love, contentment and happiness and have begun to work from home, doing what I love – being creative! Alleluia for that!