Out On the Town!

I went walking around town today.  My goal – to find shops and boutiques who are willing to purchase my jewelry and other crafts for resale.  I passed out business cards like they were candy and I’m hoping that I can find at least TWO interested shops from my efforts.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Since I mention my other crafts, I will let you have a peek at what else I do…

Hand Painted Wine Glasses – I do a variety of designs, but I am particularly in love with my “stems” collection!  I’ve got some in a local coffee shop now and I’ve had one sale so far this year.  I’ve been thinking of making an Etsy storefront for these.  Here’s a selection of what I have.  I’d love to hear what you think and what you would suggest for prices? 

berries-wine-glasses.jpg christmas-dots-wine-glasses.jpg grapes-wine-glasses.jpg
purple-vines-wine-glasses.jpg stems-wine-glasses.jpg 

Premade Scrapbook Pages:
both-halloween-pages.jpg copy-2-of-copy-of-fall-_1.jpg copy-2-of-img_1122_edited-2.jpg

Well, good night for now.  Tomorrow, I have an Etsy friend who is seeking ideas…I’m hoping I can help gather opinions for her.  :O)