Past-Blasting Techno Music in the Morning!

  Well, that image is a little much…I don’t LOVE techno, but today I do!  I was rummaging through old boxes the other day and found a CD with some old but really good mixed music on it.  There’s lots of different styles – techno, house, rap, easy listening, metal, pop and rock and it’s all mixed together with a great beat!  I’m talking… Prince’s,”When Doves Cry” mixed up with a techno version of the theme song from Inspector Gadget, mixed with some “Sexual Healing,” a little twisting of the shirt around your head like a helicopter that also eventually leads up to some Creed!  It’s nuts, but really invigorating!  I popped it in this morning and am feeling totally pumped for my day!  Don’t you just love when you find old music that pumps you up?  I do!  Especially when there’s so much to get done in a day!  🙂 

  Update on house progress: All new windows got installed yesterday!!!  They look awesome!  I painted the oil tank – looks brand new, added some colorful annual flowers to the landscape, painted the hallway a fresh new white, Anthony cut new trim for some of the windows where it was needed, I epoxy painted the front porch in a beautiful tan tone with flecks of neutral colors – gorgeous compared to the torn up rusted red paint color that was there previously!  I cleaned out the whole garage and am done going through my old boxes and a gigantic trash heap that I created is getting hauled away today at 1:30.  Yay!  Tonight we are pressure washing the garage and will start painting the trim around the windows and doors inside.  Every day I pack a little more and that is all coming along nicely.  🙂  We heard back from one builder and are still waiting to hear back from another.  We really wanted to solidify a plan for our house by the end of May…hope they pull through soon!

  Soldering Supplies Update:  To add to my list…

Ring Mandrel with grooves and measures
Ring Mandrel without grooves, but with measures
Jeweler’s Saw
Saw Blades – a selection of various sizes 144 blades
Copper Tongs
Cross-Locking Fiber Grip Tweezers – one pair of straight and one pair with a bent nose
Third Hand
Bench Vise
File Set
Window Fan for ventilation
Torch with Hose and small tips- right now, I’m going to use what we used in class – MAPP gas
dowel rod for making jump rings
ball pien hammers
planishing/grooving hammer
rubber mallet

I’m looking forward to when we are done with all of this business of home improvements…I’ll be able to focus on my Etsy stuff again – which is getting ignored lately.  Yoi!