Lose Weight Before I get pregnant again???


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Ok, so I gained 50 pounds when I got pregnant with our first bundle of joy and I  have since lost all of the weight.  The problem?  When we moved in with my parents while we saved money and built a new home (before baby) I put on an additional 15 pounds.  It’s those 15 that won’t seem to come off and I want to lose.  I feel like I’m in college and I’m talking about the “freshman 15” again and it SUCKS. 

Except the baby is OUT, in my case.

My husband and I have already started to try for baby #2 and I am still haunted by these 15 pounds.  I WANT SO BADLY TO SHED MY FRAME OF THEM!  We started the P90X workout program six weeks ago and, let me tell ya…It’s hard core!  Three weeks into the program, my husband left for Chicago for work and we took a week off.  I took a week off and ate cookies and cream ice cream.  Funny thing about that?  I lost 5 pounds after being stagnant for weeks!  I credit the ice cream!  I think my body felt like it was in starvation mode because it missed it’s frozen goodness.  🙂 

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So, anyway, I’m still not successfully pregnant and a friend and I were talking about weight loss again today.  We talked about how we both want to lose more weight before we get pregnant for the second time but, we are just tired and unmotivated.  Ugh!  As much as I would like to see this happen, I balance this ideal with the idea that it’s not important.  Mom’s all go through the battle of the bulge (or at least most do) so I am also almost resigned to the fact that I’m not alone and eventually I’ll be done having babies and I can lose it then.  I also have this notion that I will not gain as much weight with baby #2 because I won’t be eating each meal like it’s my last.  Am I dreaming?  Should I even worry about it?  It’s  just 15 pounds, right?  Who cares if I still haven’t squeezed my tush back into the clothes I once wore pre-pregnancy and pre-parents house!  Who cares if they’ll be out of style when I eventually fit back into them!  That’s just all the more reason to shop for a new wardrobe, right?  Should I just throw them out or would you say there’s still hope?  Is anyone out there?  I have yet to receive a comment on my blog since I started posting again so I may be typing to the air.  If you are out there and have some feedback, suggestions, opinions, or help, please share! 

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Let me know your thoughts…even though I’ve eaten six cookies, while I’ve typed this, I’m seeking encouragement, wisdom, or direction!  There is a problem with my puzzle…I do know that I need to examine my eating habits and eliminate what isn’t working (um…six chocolate chip/butterscotch chip cookies?).  I also know that I need to exercise more and those two things combined, will likely work to help me achieve my goals.  I just can’t get motivated.  Perhaps the other mothers out there, who have successfully lost the weight before baby #2 can offer advice?  Are you one of them?  Are you out there?  Give me a holla! 

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