Just a Tid-Bit

A tiny interesting thing about me… shortly after moving to Baltimore, I fell in love…

with breakdancing.  haha…betcha you didn’t think I was going to say that.  I did.  I found the most wonderful group of people and fell in love with the community, the culture and the dance.  I worked at it for a while, but I couldn’t take the late nights.  I still love dancing around on my wood floors or when I’m out and about with my IPOD, but with my knee being messed up these days, I can’t over do it.  Sad, but true.  I thought I’d share a video with you that I LOVE…it’s a bunch of clips of a movie/documentary on breakdancing called, “Planet B-Boy.”  Truly amazing talent!  Check it out!


My college girlfriend, Carrie, sent this to me and I must share.  The things that this man says are the way I choose to live my life!  Watch it.  You will understand why I shared after it ends.  I hope it inspires you.


I’ve put together a collage of my thoughts and emotions following that video: